What's In My Bag?




As a trainer, I am always on the go! Most days, I leave early in the morning and don't go back home until the very end of the day... so, I need to be prepared for anything and everything. Whether it's teaching a class, training a private client, squeezing in my own workout or even attempting to find times to wear "normal clothes," I like to be prepared and feeling comfortable and confident! Here are some of my MUST HAVES that I always carry with me. 



First things first, I ALWAYS have to have my stationary with me. My planner is my best friend. Ink + Volt is a gift from the universe in regard to organization and I have never loved a planner more. I will always have a journal on me (for thoughts, ideas, gratitude lists!) and I will have a work notebook for clients, projects and brainstorming. I also keep a handful of business cards with me at all times, because you always need to be ready!



I always have a change of clothes in my bag! The trunk of my car can sometimes become a closet. But I like to regularly keep at least one workout outfit in my bag. These Puma leggings and hoodie are some of my favorite staples. I'm not always sure when I will have the urge (or time) to get my own workout in, so when the moment strikes I want to be prepared.


As a personal trainer, I have to always be prepared! I always keep at least a few pieces of reliable workout equipment with me to help mix up the workouts for my clients. I usually have bands and a jump rope and occasionally my foam roller (ok, being honest.... the dumbbells I leave in my trunk until I know I need them)!



I love snacks. I am constantly eating. I keep an RX bar in my bag almost always. Coconut Chocolate is my number one favorite flavor. I try to drink one Kombucha a day. Health-ade Pink Lady Apple is my jam.... And of course, I always have a water bottle on me (love my Puma Camelbak). I will graze on fruits, nuts and other easy to grab snacks throughout the day as well.



Last but not least, I love sharing the go-to beauty products I keep in my bag! If I am working out or teaching long hours, I like to stay fresh. I have sensitive skin so I've used Cetaphil products for years. I love the cleansing cloths because they are great to toss in my bag and use anywhere. I've recently started using Cocokind products and have fallen in love with them! The Rosewater Facial Toner is amazing. It helps keep my skin balanced and feeling fresh in between all of my workouts. I also use the MYMATCHA skin stick for under my eyes throughout the day. And, I'm a tiny bit of a germ freak... so if I can't get to a sink to wash my hands post workout or client, I love having hand sanitizer at my reach. "Everyone Products" has a great coconut + lemon sanitizer that I'm seriously hooked on!

What are the go-to items you have in your bag? I'd love to hear! Share with me in the comments below!

Beka Badila