::: Why Yoga?

This month I am kicking off my collaboration project with yoga and lifestyle blogger, Shayla Quinn, of NamastShay. We have joined together to create a mash up style yoga and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class that will leave you feeling centered and strong. This idea came from wanting to create a style that allows you to tap into your inner zen all the while still getting a great calorie burning workout. The first ever HIIT + Flow Fusion class will be held on Sunday, Jan 22 at 2:30pm at Speedplay BH!

Why yoga?

You all know me as a HIIT instructor/trainer but I am branching out into the yoga world. Yoga has so many benefits which can be incredibly rewarding if practiced in tandem with all of the bootcamps/circuits/interval training I gravitate towards.


A few of these benefits are:

* Injury prevention - important if you want to continue living an active lifestyle

* Joint breakdown prevention - yoga allows you to practice full range of motion which can help protect and strengthen your joints where other physical activities may not allow for this movement

*Drains lymphs - this is important in helping to boost immunity 

*Increases flexibility - which helps you practice proper range of motion in HIIT classes and in life


Take some time to give back to your body because it will thank you in the long run. Join me in my first HIIT + Flow Fusion class to gain the benefits of yoga and get your heart pumping calorie burning workout in! If you can’t make the kickoff class, look out for our second one coming soon!

Beka Badila