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Hello world, my name is Beka Badila.

I began my fitness adventure nine years ago and have navigated my way across the country to the fitness mecca of the US - smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles. Not an easy place to succeed, but one day at a time I strive to make my mark. I am always on the lookout for new fun and effective ways to train... not only for my clients but for myself. Fitness is a way of life for me and I hope that I can share that and my experiences with you guys! I created this blog to have an outlet to share all my fitness tips, tricks, and secrets that I've learned along the way! As a trainer, I try to reach my clients with a little bit of tough love. I may be tiny but don't let that fool you. I specialize in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), corrective exercise and yoga, and I've helped dozens of clients achieve their goals and transform their bodies. I love being able to find others who believe in taking action to better themselves and to create a life that they're happy to live each day in a body that they love. Achieving your fitness goals is not an easy thing to do alone, so to anyone who needs a friend -  I am here to support you through your journey!   


i currently teach at two high intensity interval training studios - come take a class with me!


Sweat Garage in West Hollywood is my very first home in LA. I have trained there for over 4 years! #sweatyfriends
Join Me MON-FRI $15 12:15pm // SAT 8:30am
SpeedPlay in Beverly Hills & DTLA is a new HIIT workout, just a little over a year old. Come run, row and work it out with me! #speedplayla
Join Me MON 5:30pm & 7pm {DTLA}  //  TUE 5:45pm, 7pm & 8:15pm {BH}  //  THUR 7am, 8:30am & 4:30pm {BH}  //  SAT 10:30am {BH}.  



Follow along on my fitness journey where I will share with you everything from my favorite exercises/LA hot spot studios/songs on my current class playlists/guilty cheat snacks - to real talk insight on how I make it through my crazy work week sweating & trying to keep balance in my personal life. 



I RECENTLY signed with puma as a team faster trainer, this is a huge deal and i am so grateful for this opportunity. with puma's support i am able to host events, provide puma swag and overall reach more people through fitness. i am proud to be one of the first team faster la trainers. I'll be sharing my inside scoop and EXPERIENCEs along the way of what it's really like being in the INDUSTRY! 


Beka Badila